Derek gets a new love interest in Season 4


Wait…but this is also Teen Wolf so what would that mean?

But again Derek…

Sometimes stepping stones feel like islands I’ve been stranded on.


I always wanted Scott and Allison to be the end game. But not this way.



"You are not prepared." [x]

"You are not prepared." [x]

weliveandbreathewords asked Hi, I saw your latest Stiles gifset. Where is it from?

From the sneak peek of next week’s episode.


Many tears will fall.
And Jeff Davis will feast upon them.

I am not looking forward to this scene.

The episode was good, I liked it and they actually went full circle with the woman who tortured Derek and Peter in the beginning of 3b. However the Malia and Stiles thing upset me out of the whole episode. It was fine when they were depending on each other, Stiles needed help and Malia needed help from Stiles, that was fine. However, when they kissed and hooked up (and dear God I hope they only went to second base) in the basement, of an asylum, I got mad. I’m so upset and frustrated that they did that. I just…


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