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This is perfect!

The Maze Runner

Just watched the trailer, and if my heart’s pounding from that alone, I can’t wait to see the movie. Dylan O’Brien, you’re stealing my heart every second of every day. So talented and I know your performance is going to be amazing.

You know what, I like Malia, a lot. I can even get behind Malia and Stiles (though Sterek will always be my otp) but they went about their relationship all wrong in the beginning. Jeff obviously knew he was going to have Malia come back this season, so instead of having them “hook up” at eichen house they should have left it where they just supported each other and then when this season started mention how Stiles’ has been helping her and hint how close they are and then that kiss could have been there first. 

And mtv needs to choose their preview clips better. It took me a week to finally get up to watching the second episode because earlier that day they had shown the clip of Kate and de-aged Derek kissing and it was so uncomfortable and wrong that it turned me off from watching it. 

Out of that whole episode they had chosen that clip. Ugh. 

MTV make sure you choose wisely from now on please.

TW Parallels: Teen Wolf + Fox and the Hound (part 3) [Part 1, Part 2]
↳ Stiles Stilinski/Todd + Scott McCall/Cooper

Teen Wolf/Hannibal AU: The son he never wanted

After the death of Sheriff Stilinski, family friend “Uncle Lecter”, took in Stiles and became his guardian. With it came a test to his patience. There was never a dull moment around with the boy, and when he got to high school it didn’t change. See if he ever tried to defend his essays again. The smart mouth on that boy, sarcasm his weapon, and don’t get him started with the odd co-dependence he has with Scott McCall. But he loved him, as much as a psychopath like him was capable of loving. He really did.

Which was a problem when Stiles moved into his Junior year in high school. During a visit to the school for a concert, he caught the attention of a certain string shop owner who quickly recognized a fellow man of certain…hobbies. Approaching Hannibal for companionship, to be protectors and support for each other, he was shot down and didn’t take the rejection well.

He attached Hannibal’s weakness. Stiles.

After attacking Stiles, he went after Hannibal and quickly learned that you did not mess with a psychopath’s loved one.

So I’ve decided to go back to school.

Revisit the original tale of a royal heir whose parents die,
prompting them to run away from their kingdom,
then sing a song about letting go of their worries,
while things fall apart back home,
and return to defeat an evil prince.

…I knew there was a reason I liked that movie. [x]



this gif of Tyler going “Oh no, why?!” is KILLING me because his face goes from so happy to so sad he looks like a 6 year old who you just told mildly bad news. 

"Tyler, we cant go to Disneyland."


"Tyler, it’s time to go home. You have to say goodbye to your friends now."


"Tyler, we ran out of ice cream."


"Tyler, you cant pet every dog you see."


"Tyler, there isn’t a pot of gold at the end of rainbows."


"Tyler, Hogwarts isn’t a real place."


"Tyler, you’re not allowed to talk about Dylan/Stiles anymore."


Happy Easter

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